About us

Soteri was founded in 2022 by two friends from opposite sides of the world who share a passion for artisanal tailoring and contemporary fashion. The brand’s name derives from a Greek deity that personifies salvation, preservation, and deliverance – processes which, as in tailoring – demand constant care, reflection, and refinement. As a full-service atelier and clothing production company, we specialize in ready-to-wear clothing, bespoke tailoring, business development services, and skills development. Our small but growing team is centred around five experienced tailors, cutters and seamstresses led by our master tailor, Luda Andghuladze. Luda first put thread to needle when she was a child in her family’s home atelier. With more than four decades of experience in workshops and international fashion houses in Europe, she has deep knowledge and expertise in the French, German and Italian schools of tailoring. For Luda, tailoring is an almost surgical operation, one she infuses with passion, precision, and respect for the fabric and the customer. What we call “truth in tailoring” comes from our commitment to the highest quality craftmanship. In everything that we create, we remain true to the authenticity of the tailoring craft and the individualism of our customers and partners. With an unerring dedication to quality, our Soteri branded ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, and inimitable bespoke tailoring aim to be the benchmark for classic and timeless elegance. For commercial clients, our consulting services range from designing and creating patterns and garment specification sheets, to helping clients select and work with a range of fabrics, and fulfilling fully furnished garments, including uniforms. Soteri is responsive to the growing demand for professional capacity in an ever-growing fashion industry with changing tastes and expectations. Always recognizing new and up-and-coming talent, we offer 6–18- month certified apprenticeships to students of all ages and backgrounds, in partnership with Skills Agency Georgia. Through our membership in the Georgian Apparel and Fashion Association (GAFA), Soteri is committed to shaping the fashion industry’s evolution by introducing new technologies and embracing socially responsible and sustainable practices in collaboration with diverse industry stakeholders from around the world.

Our Mission

Develop, preserve, and transmit the invaluable authenticity of tailoring by offering exquisite clothing and

timeless elegance to customers and partners worldwide.

Our Values

Honestly, professional integrity, creativity, passion, environmental sustainability, resilience and local


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