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Ready-to-Wear Clothing:

With an unerring dedication to quality, our Soteri branded ready-to-wear clothing for men and women is
the benchmark for classic and timeless elegance. All items are designed by us and manufactured in
Georgia. Click here to explore our collection of exquisite clothing on sale.

Bespoke Tailoring

Bespoke clothing such as dresses and suits are one-of-a-kind and made exactly for you. The tailoring
process involves face-to-face consultations with our skilled team of artisans to select the right fabric,
interpret and translate your wishes into a distinctive and exquisite garment. Multiple fittings and
adjustments take place to ensure a precise and inimitable fit. For bespoke tailoring, contact us to set up an
appointment or visit our atelier.

Fashion Development Services and Consulting

Our fashion development services include designing and creating patterns, producing garment
specification sheets, selecting textiles, creating uniforms and consulting. Our partners include renowned
Georgian brands such as Kaba and Comode, and we also work with educational facilities to fulfil orders
for school uniforms, among other commercial partnerships. Contact us for more details or visit our atelier.

Apprenticeships and Skills Development

Soteri is committed to transferring our knowledge and passion of the tailoring craft to new and up-and-
coming talent. In partnership with Skills Agency Georgia, we offer 6–18-month certified apprenticeships
and skills development programmes to students of all ages and backgrounds. Apprentices work closely
with our team of experts to gain well rounded exposure to the industry while studying the different
methods in crafting men’s and women’s garments. Contact us for more details.

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